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White Stag Wines

Now you can schedule a time

to pick up some wine!
Just click the curbside pickup below.  Then pick a day and time.


We are located at 2381 County Road 38

Gibsonburg, OH  43431 by event or appointment only.
(Sorry no samples are available until we have a tasting room)

Also available at Gail's Party Shoppe in Gibsonburg OH.


Our wines


Laughing Girl- ($18)  white wine with elderberry

When Karoly started dating Josephine, he called her "laughing girl." Josephine loved polka dots, her family, cooking, dancing, and she had a laugh that would shake the room.


Laughing Girl's flavor reflects Josephine's personality. White wine with a touch of elderberry. It is a light, sweet, and fruity wine that doesn't take itself too seriously.


Life is short; have fun, try new things, and don't wait for tomorrow. Laugh a lot and be one tough cookie, like my mom Josephine.

Best served chilled.  Pairs well with picnic foods, salads, seafood and light cheeses.


Brave- ($18)      Steuben rose

Remember the adventure of childhood? Jumping off the high dive without any fear? Trekking through the woods, not knowing where the path leads? 

Have you let "growing up"  stop you from trying new things?  Don't let fear steal your joy.  Steal it back!  Worry less.  Be silly more.  Be an individual.  Be brave.

Brave is inspired by the stouthearted, dream chasers of the past who motivate others to find joy.

This wine features notes of strawberry and raspberry and hints of tea leaves and cinnamon.  It pairs well with pastas, rich and spicy foods, poultry, ham, game and seafood.  It is best served chilled


Knife Thrower- ($18) plum

As a new immigrant in Cleveland, Karoly received plums grown from seeds that had made the same journey. Karoly planted plum trees from that original gift every place he lived. This wine is made from that line of plums.


His childhood stories reveal a rulebreaker side.   He talked about throwing knives just because he was bored.  Be a little naughty. Be clever. Be determined. Be strong like my dad Karoly.

Knife Thrower features fruity plum and pear notes with an almondy aroma with a perfect balance of sweet and tart.  Pairs well with spicy foods, strong cheeses or alone as a dessert wine.  Makes a great spritzer.  

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